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36 weeks 💙👶
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Our 35 week maternity photos finally arrived. You can defiantly tell I’m pregnant by my face, I look so tired haha. Hopefully taking some photos in the next few days with my almost 38 week bump.

don't you think you're a bit too young to be carrying?


I’m 22 next month, I don’t think that’s too young. That’s about the average age now days.

If you are married and/or in love with someone I don’t think it matters if you’re 20 or 30 when you want to start a family.


I see these girls with these sexy ass pregnancy pictures and I’m like bitch, NO. Yesterday I walked around with four pizza stains on a shirt that was too small for me.

So depressed and lonely lately.

Want my little man to arrive already so I’m not mopping around thinking about myself. This is defiantly going to be the longest 2 1/2 weeks of my life. Hope he isn’t late. Come on baby boy, mummy is so lonely and hormonal. 😰👶💙

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Because I’m obsessed and wish I had one! LOOK at that face!💜🐰 (at seven oaks lavender farm)
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I’m obsessed with my new watch from @jolli_time!!! 🌈⌚️🌈 Cute and colorful and designed by me!! Thank you to the kind folks all the way in Sweden for letting me create this lovely timepiece! I’m so happy with the way it turned out! 👍🎀Check out their awesome site to design your very own!! #jollitime #watch #pastel #timepiece #Sweden #love #summer #happy #colorful
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This hair!!! Swoooon!! #bridesmaid #lanemills2014 #wedding
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Baby Uden 💙👶💙 6 weeks to go!

Great blog! Wish you the best for your life. (:


Thanks :)